Week 8 one per-cent improvement

Lara and Sansa Week 8, 

week 8.jpg

What a week of learning. Our float loading preparation was put to use on Monday, when we loaded up for a Steve Brady Horsemanship clinic in Tatura. Sansa arrived at the clinic having only had around 8 rides. Similar to week one, I had to be very careful not to push her brain into meltdown overload.

My goal in every session was to improve Sansas response to each of my my cues by 1%. I was amazed at how much and how fast she learnt. Canter lead cues, half halt cues, yielding. More impressively by Thursday Sansa had associated a wither pre cue with a lay down and was lying down with me onboard.

Close to 10 years ago Nigel taught me that the secret to training any cue or trick is, never underestimate the value of “ending the session”. Each day I ended the session with a pre cue and a lay down. By Thursday it was as though Sansa was asking me “can we lay down yet?” Ending the session is the ultimate release of pressure for a brumby.

Next week will be a slow week for Sansa. She can hang out with my horse herd and devour some grass with a few kilos of Low Gi Cubes. Her coat is coming up magnificently and her condition is on the improve every day.

I am so grateful to the Victorian Brumby Association for the  opportunity to be part of this challenge. Sansa is such a kind lovely horse to work with.


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