We are proud to be supported by:

The following global brands are supporting us in our chosen equine disciplines.
We are proud to have them on board with
The Equine System. 

Noble Outfitters Australia

Noble Outfitters Australia

The relationship with Noble Outfitters Australia began in 2016.  

Lara and Nigel were looking for clothing that would present them in a professional light at EQUITANA in 2016.  Since then the relationship  has grown, and our entire team now choose NOBLE OUTFITTERS.

Finding gear that can handle our lifestyle is not easy but Noble Outfitters has set us up for success.  For instance, we do over 1000 competitive endurance kilometers each year,  as well as competing with our dressage and jumping horses.  We require comfortable and functionally tough clothing that will last the distance.

Lara has a few personal favorites:

  • Fleece lined soft-shell breechers. They get me and my team out of bed in the morning!
  • Tough canvas jacket. I own two; one small and one medium. 
  • Peddies. I can't remember life without these socks! All I know is life is so much better now they're on my feet #Happysocks
Kieffer Australia

Kieffer Australia

Our newest supporter Kieffer australia.

Lara's very first saddle was an old-style Kieffer dressage that took her up the pony club grades.  She feels that growing up in a Kieffer and spending so many hours on a horse - your saddle becomes an extension of you. In the case of the Kieffer,  I could rely on it every time.

Having the right saddle for you and your horse is so important. Lara loves that she can give a light-aid through her seat in the knowledge that her horse is comfortable receiving the message. 

As the brumby challenge approaches, Lara will use a Kieffer dressage saddle to refine and advance Cooper's training. Lara knows that using a premium product such as a Kieffer, will help Cooper perform to his highest level when competing at EQUITANA Melbourne.


Kentucky Equine Research (KER)

Kentucky Equine Research (KER)

The relationship with KER began at the START OF the 2016 australian brumby challeNGE.

We have learnt so much from working with this incredible company. 

KER has provided us with invaluable guidance on how best to feed our horses. Low GI Cubes have become a staple for all our endurance horses with noticeable changes in both condition and performance. KER dietary ingredients and supplements are now an essential part of our feeding regime.

For the 2016 Australian Brumby Challenge,  KER's  nutritionists came on board. They provided us with the latest information on how best to maximise our brumby's health and condition. Sansa and Daisy looked and felt amazing. KER did a wonderful job! 

As one of our major sponsors, KER is again supplying all the feed and nutritional advice in the lead-up to the 2018 Australian Brumby Challenge at EQUITANA Melbourne.

They will also feature in some of our V-logs, alongside our brumbies, sharing their latest research and information. 

Two year's ago, Lara subscribed to KER's E-newsletter. The research is easy to implement and is regularly used in her training program.  See link to their website below.