About the Authors


Lara Beth Poynton and Nigel Anderson compete in a wide range of equestrian sports from dressage to endurance.  Together they believe that a strong training foundation applies to every equine discipline.

In 2016, Nigel competed with Lara in the EQUITANA Australian Brumby Challenge, placing first and second in the extreme obstacle class. The challenge was to train two brumbies,  Sansa and Daisy over 150 days from wild to wonderful!  Both horses have since gone on to find their loving, forever-homes. 


Lara Beth poynton

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Lara Beth was born with a passion for horses and took every opportunity she could to learn - often by fence sitting at her friend's riding lessons.

Dreams became a reality in Lara's early teens when she started her first job at a local riding school. Twelve hour-days in the saddle and many more mucking out horse yards wasn’t always easy, but she was horse obsessed and loved sharing what she had learnt with others.  

A skilled communicator with the confidence to take on any challenge, Lara is firmly grounded in the art of horse management. Her desire to make a positive change to the standards and perceptions of horse training is her number one goal.  Lara’s breakthrough moment came when she began to let
horses make mistakes; a significant turning point in her approach to training, and one she believes is
key to building the right foundations required of any equine discipline.

Lara is now a qualified senior instructor, Horse Safety Australia (HSA) . She trains and competes full-time and owns the business, EquineDevelopment.com.au. She is currently building a subscriber-based, online horse-training community in order to help people with their horses, worldwide.

Nigel Anderson

Nigel started riding his sister’s horse at an early age and loved the exhilaration and excitement of horse riding. In those days his motto was "Go fast and hang on."

It all changed the day Bakhar the Arabian stallion thundered into Nigel’s life.

“It was a tough year, I spent six months eating dirt!”

Nigel researched stallion training and developed a program that used assertive behaviour keeping meticulous notes on his success.

Nigel and the stallion, Bakhar won the High Country mountain race in 2004, igniting his passion for Endurance riding.

Nigel is now fully committed to the success of his Arabian breeding program, established with his father-in- law, Tony Nicholas. They now have over 50 Arabian horses and a successful endurance racing team led by Lara Beth.

“I believe when you own a horse, you have a duty of care to prepare the horse for a life-time of mutual co-operation.”

Good fortune and a shared passion for success led, Lara and Nigel to collaborate in the development of a clear and simple horse riding system.

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