Week 7 Stranger things


After last week’s podium and float training Sansa has taken to standing on anything and everything that can support her. Yesterday Nigel found her asleep with both her front feet on the training bridge. This morning I went to catch her from her paddock and she was two front feet up on a tree stump.

Needless to say I think Sansa is enjoying her training at Equine Development. Week seven started with a set of front shoes, lots of smoke and not a single firework from Sansa. She was however a little surprised at the sound of her new hooves on the concrete.

Front shoes have allowed us to head out on some short adventures around the farm, Sansa loves being out and about. Leaving the arena didn’t phase her in the slightest.

More work means more food, I have upped Sansas Low GI cubes so that she is now getting a treat at lunch as well as her usual breakfast, dinner and hay.  Her coat is looking so much better and now that she is less stressed and eating well I am sure her condition will continue to improve. 
I am very grateful to have had so much support this week from the team at Tubbarubba Arabians. Bouncing training ideas off one another means there is always something to learn. I have had a great deal of fun borrowing a few of Nigels desensitising techniques too. Shhhhhhhh dont tell him, it’s not like it is a competition or anything.

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