It’s actually really hard to say how much you guys have helped me in such few words...
 I avoided going places because I didn’t know if I could load my mare onto the float. Now I have the confidence and skills to load her on any float, and we are out conquering competitions, club rally days and even a week riding out in the high country.
I can’t thank Lara and Nigel enough for helping me.
— Caroline Champion

Happy Clients

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Before I met Lara and Nigel and used The System, horse riding was something I feared....

I loved my horses, but whenever I rode falling off was inevitable. I would become frustrated and give up riding for months at a time.

Now, through the guidance of Lara and Nigel, The System has allowed me to be the rider I've always wanted to be, and have the relationship I've
always wanted with my horses.
Horse riding has never been safer or more enjoyable!

— Amber MatThews

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Lara, I would like to say with immense gratitude that your work with Eugrant and El Bask is

beyond my understanding of horses.


When I first purchased them I honestly regretted my

decision; Eugrant was uncontrollable, and El Bask was terrified of people.

You have transformed two dangerous animals into the best behaved horses on our program.


Thank you, we look forward to the work you are doing with our other horses.


— Owner oF Eugrant & Elbask