week 5 First RIDE!

Lara Beth and Sansa - Ride, Ride, Ride,

First ride. Every time I start a horse I am amazed at how well their first ride goes, The System Nigel and I are using to start our Brumbies is the exact system we use for all of our horses.
Their first rides are always as simple and easy as possible. Translation of simple cues learnt on the ground to simple cues used in the saddle avoids confusion, and fear.

Rupert Laycock Photography captured this moment perfectly, you can see how relaxed and happy Sansa is.

Second ride, is an exact repetition of the first, consistency is what builds strong foundations for Sansa’s future.

Third ride in front of everyone who came down to support our Sunday Brumby Session, was in a Nungar Knots halter bare Back Sansa was perfect. I wanted to illustrate how safe a horse is when they understand what you are asking for them. By following a system with clear principles, and being consistent we can all build safer, happier, successful horses.

Sansa has already started losing her winter woolies, guess there isn’t a lot of snow on the Peninsula in comparison to Kosciuszko. Her undercoat has a healthy shine, being helped along by Ridley Low GI cubes, which she loves.

Next week Bridle work, every cue Sansa has learnt in a halter I will aim to translate and refine to the bridle.

week 5.jpeg

Week 6 Prepare for take off

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