2016 Week 4 Gearing up

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Lara Beth and Sansa – Week 4

Prior preparation prevents poor performance. The System Nigel and I are developing with our Brumbies relies on a structure, where each lesson builds upon the next.

This week (Week 4) I introduced tack and gear to Sansas training exercises. By doing the exercises Sansa is already good at, the introduction of tack is a non issue and Sansa can continue to build confidence in my cues.

Preparation for bridling involved Sansa learning to lower her head, bend her neck, and open her mouth. Adding a bridle over the top of her Nungar Knots halter was effortless and stress free.

Preparation for saddling involved holding and moving a rope around Sansas girth until she was comfortable responding to cues that ask her to move her feet as well as stand still. The rope was replaced with a roller, before it progressed to a saddle and girth. Sansa took it all in her stride.

This week I have also included preparation for mounting.  Teaching Sansa to come to the mounting block and leaning over her while being led off her twin, Rain Horse, has given her a great deal of confidence.

It has been a lot of fun this week fine tuning ground work alongside Nigel and his Brumby Alpine Daisy. I am so fortunate to be continually growing. Learning is what makes horse training so engaging.

Next week the goal is to saddle up and ride.

The best part of preparation work as a trainer, is that if my horse is not comfortable with the next step of the System there is always the option of taking a step back. It takes self discipline to not move ahead before your horse is ready to come with you.

Photo credit to Rupert Laycock Photography.

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