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The System: Trailer loading education is the first book in The Equine System series. Our training philosophy is based on three key principles; the results of which ensure a safe and lasting relationship.

The System provides an invaluable insight into equine behaviour and explains a positive approach to training and handling skills that work for both horse and rider.

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ABOUT Lara Beth and Nigel


Lara is a qualified senior riding instructor, a successful horse trainer and an inspiring educator. Nigel has been a passionate rider, competitor, and breeder of horses for over 20 years. Together they are totally committed to develop the ultimate system of horse education that is accessible for every single horse person in the world.

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ABOUT The Equine System


The Equine System is a training tool that Lara Beth Poynton and Nigel Anderson use when building a postive relationship between the horse and rider. 

It all started as a discussion between Lara and Nigel...  

Lara had softness and lightness in her horses that Nigel had never observed before. Nigel was determined to find the most successful, safest way to train his international performance horses.  The Equine System was born! 

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The journey to EQUITANA  Melbourne, 

2018 Australian Brumby Challenge.


How Lara and Cooper are sharing -  The Equine System  



A relationship based on good leadership leads to a high level of performance and safety. 

— Nigel and Lara

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The results speak for themselves.



It's actually really hard to say how much you guys have helped me in such few words...
Caroline Champion




The Equine System contributes regularly to various equestrian publications.