Home to my Brumby

Home to my Brumby

Lara Beth and Super Dooper Cooper

It is such a great feeling to be able to go away, compete and visit the world and know that your exceptional team at home is going an exceptional job with all of your horses.

Cooper has had exactly 2 weeks in the hands and care of Caroline, Jo and Amber and it was a great moment to arrive home on Wednesday and find a happy, shinny somewhat fatter Cooper out enjoying the sunshine.

I walked over to his day yard and was noticed but not greeted with the enthusiasm I was hoping for from Cooper. Oh well I thought to myself the girls must have been taking such great care of him, walks, obstacles, grooming... “Why would he want to hang out with Lara?”

As I turned away from the yard and went to go see some of the other horses, he ran to the gate and called out, as if to say “where do you think you are going I’m here didn't you see me!”

Hahah he was just playing hard to get- I see how it is. We went out for a good grass pick that afternoon.

The following day we walked in hand around the farm with Wrangler and Amber, Amber mentioned  this has been part of the brumbies training program whilst I have been away… Training without intensive training.

Cooper was great to lead out he did not pull down on the lead toward the grass once. So well mannered.

It has been a beautifully sunny, warm week so i thought I would take to Opportunity to give Cooper his very first hose wash. It was a Bubble bath.

When washing a horse for the first time I never tie them up especially  not in a wash bay, I headed out to the lawn and started by getting Cooper to follow the hose while it was running.
I like to do this so that the hose and water is not chasing the horse.

It wasn't long before I could advance the water up Coopers front leg, over his shoulder, down his back, and over his hind quarter.

Every time I advanced with the hose water and Cooper accepted it standing quietly I would retreat back down toward his feet and reward him with release.

The FIRST WASH video is up @Brumby Diaries Lara Beth on Facebook.

I deeply underestimated how unhappy Cooper would be to be a shiny, handsome, show horse.

In under 3 mins of Cooper being clean he was dirtier than ever... I have never seen a horse roll so fiercely. 

 Time for a lie down

Time for a lie down

Rest week

Rest week